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A typically village of South Italy?

Having an ice cream - actually a very good one - in the next village to Alberto's place we were walking around in Mangone. Even this is not a special place which certainly not mentioned in any tourist guide there are some things that strike your attention. For instance have a look to this really big building below:

Mangone h1.jpg
Mangone h2.jpg

Looking like a palace from outside it becomes immediately clear this place is orphaned. As I learned from Alberto it is the vestige of a project from the "city". Whatever the building was plant for it serves no use anymore and much probably never did. And as I learned too there was obviously some tax money involved.

But this ruin is unfortunately not the only one. Everywhere there is vast activity of building new apartments. Most of them are still waiting for lodgers, some of them are obviously not even finished as in example the big building right next to the palace above.

Mangone h3.jpg
Mangone h4.jpg

The immediate question arises what kind of incident might caused such a waste of money in an area which is considered economically underdeveloped. Maybe it is just a coincidence. But what is for sure is that is an enormous construction activity going on. In Cosenza - the next bigger town - one large tenement house after another is constructed. There is the rumor that 80% of the apartments are vacant. Does Southern Italy have a similar real estate bubble as Spain then or are there other reasons involved?

Crashing the Sidewalk

Another interesting aspect when walking around streets in those villages is that often sidewalks are interrupted by slip roads, parking spaces or just front gardens of the building next to it. First I did not realize it all. Then one reflect oneself waling permanently on the side of the road. At the latest when somebody starts to honk one is paying attention to the fact that there is just no sidewalk, an instance that you take so for granted you even do not realize immediately when it is missing. Have a look to the pictures below.

Mangone h5.jpg
Mangone v1.jpg
Mangone h6.jpg

As you can see here it is not that the concept of having a side walk is not followed. It is just that some (if not most) of the owners of the real estate just do not care about it. They operate their property just to the edge of the street. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the street then.

Alberto pointed out that there is rule that every land owner has to stay away three meters from the road but for some reason most people do not follow this rule. Just because of these little things it becomes obvious that the locals might have a different attitude to at least some of these rules especially when they originating from public affairs.